Sunday, May 17, 2015

Earthquake--Part 9: Remembering the Second Day, Part 2

Earthquake--Part 9

...or Part 2 of Part 6:  Remembering the Second Day

Greetings from Nepal!  Thank you for stopping by.  Yes, we are OK, even though there are still aftershocks, some of which are a little too strong for our liking!  Thanks for your continued prayers.

For more information, read this article:

and also this one:

This one too--about today's jolts, so far.

We are still working strong for our patients and are very motivated.  Some of us are sleeping outside, and may be doing so for some time.

One great need of so many in Nepal is shelter for the upcoming monsoon season and at the same time, help rebuilding their permanent homes.

This article gives an interesting explanation about what's happening:

For now, however, we give you the remaining pictures of our brave patients and staff members 
from April 25, 2015.  None of us asked to be brave--we simply found ourselves brave as we looked danger in the face.

Thanks for prayers and support!
Blessings to all!

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