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Earthquake--Part 6: Remembering the Second Day (Part 1)

Earthquake--Part 6 

Remembering the Second Day (Part 1)

(Yes, Part 6 has two parts!)

Thank you for stopping by to see how we are!  We really appreciate it.  Here in Banepa, we are slowly getting back to normal.  We are very fortunate, as there are still many, many villages still in desperate need.  Many residents of the surrounding areas, including some of our workers, are still sleeping outside as their houses are too dangerous to live in.  They are waiting for tents, as the monsoon is on the way, until they can get help to rebuild.  Insurance is unheard of for the most part.  Many families whose homes are habitable are sharing their home with friends and family members.

We are still receiving earthquake victims from some of the outlying villages.  Our doctors, nurses, and all the staff members are still working long hours, but happy to help those in need who cross our threshold.  

Now that we have a moment to breathe, we will remember the Second Day in a photo post to help you visualize what happened here at Scheer Memorial Hospital.  We know our angels were with us and still are as we still experience aftershocks.

To begin with, almost everyone slept outside Saturday night, April 24.  All mattresses were pulled outside and makeshift tents were put up as it looked like it might rain.


All night long, so it seems in our remembrances, the earth trembled and now and then exploded with an aftershock.  Blessedly, the children fell asleep, but most adults reported that they slept very little.  Patients kept coming so those on night duty kept working.

Everyone was up early.  "How are you?" and "What happened to you?" were the catch phrases.  The newspapers had the news from Kathmandu.

Things were worse than we had imagined.  We had no internet, so were thankful for the newspapers.  Our phones worked off and on, so everyone tried, off and on, until they were successful, to contact family members.  Family members out of the country were able to update us since they were watching the news.  We prayed for family and friends in other places of Nepal who were unreachable.

Very soon more and more victims started coming and our situation was "all hands on deck!"

Nepalese army soldiers joined us and were indispensable.  See them carrying a stretcher 
in the above photo?  Thank you so much for all you did!

Our guards, soldiers and Banepa policemen guarded the gate.

Everyone was busy and worked like a well-oiled machine.

The pharmacy was moved to the end room you see above, before the tall building.

Despite the aftershocks, the canteen opened.

An organization in India brought us cookies, apples, and water.  THANKS!

Since our medical wards and Emergency Room were outside,

the Emergency Room was made into the Maternity Ward since the ER is downstairs.

Many of you may have already seen this picture:
Yes, this day, during the severe aftershocks, a young lady needed an emergency C-section.
Dr. Vidya Padananga, OB/GYN, right, and Dr. Ramon Ruiz Diaz, anesthesiologist, 
green hat, and their operating theatre team, performed another outdoor C-section.

The nurses set up shop right near the scene.

Here is the outcome of that C-section:  this darling baby and her happy mom
posing with Dr. Vidya.

On this happy note, we will say Goodbye for now, and ask you to please stay tuned for
Part 2 (with many more pictures) of this Part 6 story!

Please keep us in your prayers.  The aftershocks have not stopped.

Thank you for your care and concern.

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