Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Earthquake--Part 10: Cracks!

Earthquake--Part 10


Thank you for visiting our news blog for our updates.  We appreciate everyone's prayers, care, concern, and support.  We're still having aftershocks above 4, 

and this My Republica article gives us the sad statistics in the country as of yesterday.

As you know, we are still standing, still working and treating patients.  However, we do have cracks, like most buildings in Nepal.  Here are some of our cracks.

The main office is on the third floor.

This is the doorway to the main office, where the office workers ran to stand, not knowing this crack was cracking as they stood there (on the third floor) on May 12!

Here is the crack on the door frame that leads to the stairs that go down from the office,
just past the above picture.

In this building is the business office.

It was hit hard, and the workers are in a temporary location.

On the other side of that wall, is the registration/discharge area.

Inside (the cracks are all around the entire room):

Mr. Laxman Thapa, operating room head, shows us the recovery room.
No, it is not being used now.  Yes, the cracks are all around the room.

Ditto for the storage room.

In the operating room office, the wall cracked on all the walls, but Jesus stayed up!
We're very thankful for His loving kindness!

Now, here are just a few more random shots of what you can see around here:

You can see why will are appreciated all the support we are getting from our 
friends and families.


Now we'll say Goodbye,

...and let you know to stay tuned for the story of this brave little lady:

Bye and Blessings!

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