Monday, July 20, 2015

News 2015--Open Heart International--Team 2


Yes, these are beautiful smiles from beautiful patients and their grateful families!

These are burn victims.  

Read about burn victims in Nepal here:

This is why Open Heart International's Burn Contracture plastic surgery team 
is so important and so critical to those they help.

to the 23 medical team members who traveled to Nepal this year!

If you haven't seen their website, check it out!

Did you see this story of their 5000th patient last year?  He is a darling Nepali boy they helped.

Arrival 2015:

The nurses immediately started preparing their wards:

How many patients benefited from surgeries this year?  32!  
Yes, 32 precious souls were able to have the relief from their suffering that surgery affords.

You saw some of them at the beginning of this post.  Here are some more of the dear patients.

These 32 patients came from here in Kavre, and also Kailali,
where Lake Godhaghodi Tal is,
Ghodaghodi Lake1.JPG
(photo credit:


(photo credit:

and Kanchanpur, home of the Chandani-Dodhara Suspension Bridge.
A stunning view of Dodhara Chandani Bridge, Mahakali.jpg
(photo credit:

We're so thankful, not only to the volunteer team, but also to all of the donors
who made the patients' journeys to Banepa and their surgeries possible.

The Open Heart team was thankful for the delicious lunches prepared by Mrs. Rampyari Bajracharya,
seen here with Mr. Pralhad Bhurtal, project coordinator, and her daughters, below. 

Again, THANKS!!!
...and blessings to all who are reading this.  

For those who are interested, here's an interesting article from July 16:
(There is still work to do.  We thank all who are still helping!)

Have a nice day!

Friday, July 17, 2015

New 2015--Open Heart International--Team 1

Before the earthquake, we were busy with our normal activities.  One such important activity was the annual arrival of Sydney Adventist Hospital's Open Heart International medical teams.

Long time readers of this news blog will remember their name
and their dedication to the welfare and healing of those in dire need of help,
many of whom have lived with pain for many years.  It's hard to imagine.

Here is their website:

Feel free to peruse the site and see all of their work, which is volunteer work, worldwide.
If you click their "Blog" link, you will be able to read stories from many countries.
Just click on the name of the country you want to read about.  Don't forget to read about Nepal!

Their first team, each time they come, is an OB/GYN women's health team.

Their main objective  is to perform much needed uterine prolapse surgery.
An alarming amount of women are living with this debilitating condition here in Nepal.

To read about this condition, from the Women's Reproductive Rights Program, click here:  
You will find some interesting facts and also links on that page.

Carrying heavy loads like this contributes to the problem.

If you are a health professional and have interest in joining one of their teams
as a volunteer, check out their "Want to Become a Volunteer" page:

This year when they came, the mountains were still visible--always a plus!

(Right now during the monsoon season, the rice is growing, but you can't see the mountains!)

They finally arrive!

"Welcome!  Thanks for coming!"  Dr. Mole', CEO, and Prahlad Bhurtel,
project team coordinator, greet their team project coordinator Coralie Batchelor.

Welcome Program & Orientation:

There were 87 patients who had their lives back after their surgeries this year!
87!  It sounds like a lot, but it barely scratched the surface!
This is why we are happy for the help these medical teams give of volunteering their time and efforts.

These 87 ladies came from right here in Kavre District where we are,
 and also Sindhupalchok, part of which can be seen here, before the earthquake.

(photo credit:

Yes, the name Sinchupalchok may be familiar to you if you have been keeping up
with the Nepal earthquake news.  It is one of the many areas that was devastated.

(photo credit:

Other beautiful areas of Nepal where the 87 ladies came from are:

Gorkha, where the epicenter was, and yes, that's a village on the mountainside.
I'm sure you can guess that there's not a hospital there.
(photo credit:
(photo credit:

Bhaktapur (also hit hard),


(photo credit:

 and Saptarhi.

We can only say thank you so many times, but we'll say it once again--


Before their departure, we had a "Thank You" program along with snacks.

Goodbye Friends and Colleagues!
We already look forward to your next visit!
Have a great year!
Bye for now!

The second team to come was the burn contracture plastic surgery team.

Stay tuned for information about the surgeries they performed.

Blessings to all!

(If you would like to read Relief Web's weekly update for the week of July 20, here it is:)



Monday, July 6, 2015

Earthquake--Part 13: The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Earthquake--Part 13
The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Here is our incinerator building.

Well, it WAS our incinerator building.

It sustained serious cracks during the earthquakes, and the continued aftershocks.
Do you realize that we have had 340 some aftershocks above 4 on the Richter scale
and 20,000 under 4!  You know that saying, "My head is spinning!"
Well, that is a real feeling!

When checked for cracks and worthiness after the quakes and aftershocks,
our incinerator building didn't pass muster.

Here's a closer look.  The cracks went all around the building.

Large cracks traversed the outside too.

A determination was made that the building could not be fixed
and must come down before anyone would be hurt.

First a steel frame had to be built.

Our maintenance men stepped up to the task.

"Be careful!!!"

Another crew was called in to take down the bricks.

Then...the walls came tumbling down!

Then the walls were down.  No one was injured.  What a blessing!

We're very thankful that we will now be able to begin our reconstruction.
The bricks will be able to be recycled for a new building.

We want to take this moment to thank all of our friends and supporters who have been
able to send donations.  Your generosity is much needed and much appreciated!  All of you
will be in our thoughts and prayers as we are happy to know that we are in yours.

If you'd like to read the United Nations Nepal Information Platform Report on Nepal
Two Months On (from last week), it is here below.  You will note how vital assistance still is.

We will end with a few pictures of homes in the surrounding areas that still need to be
torn down and rebuilt.  With the rains hard and steady,

this is becoming more important every day.

The tents are current temporary housing.

Thanks again and have a blessed day!