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Earthquake--Part 3: Guest Post by Sundar Thapa

Earthquake--Part 3:  Guest Post

Guest Post
This post was written by Mr. Sundar Thapa, our Senior Executive Officer,
and the top and bottom pictures were also taken by him.

Staff members worked tirelessly for days.
Dear Friends,

About 45 minutes after the quake, I noticed a child (maybe about 11 months old and female) lying on a mattress alone, unconcious and unattended by anyone. As I noticed her, I quickly held her in my hands and shouted into the crowd, "Whose child is this .....?" But there was no answer. I repeated again and again, but no answer came. I checked on her head to see if there was any trauma and saw a wound with bruises on the right side of her head. I asked someone to get the oxygen and put an oxygen mask on her and tried to make her warm.  I saw Dr. Vidya Pradhananga, a senior OB/GYN, and asked her to attend to the child.  She ordered the adequate medications. I prayed for her life ......!!! As I had to address many other things, I had to leave her but asked one of our nurses to attend to her and at the same time one of the Youth Volunteers came to constantly sit with her.

After about an hour I went and tried to call to her to awake. Then I heard a soft voice respond! I tried to awaken here whichever way I could. Then after about one and half hours, she did respond completely!  I asked her "Do you want water?" She said, "Yes" with a soft voice and she drank a few drops of water. Oh!  What a joy I experienced at that time! I felt so happy and thanked my gracious God, saying, "God, you are so good!"

After about two hours I found her alone again. Then I saw a lady coming towards her along with a little older girl and sat near her with tears rolling down. Then I asked her where she had been? She replied, "Sir, I had gone to my home to get this older daughter as she was also hurt." I asked her, "Where is your home?" She told me, "Bansdol." This village is 5 km away from Scheer Memorial Hospital. I imagined how desperately she would have walked to and fro as right after the quake all means of transportation had stopped. I told her, "Don't cry, your daughter is saved." She responded to me, "Thank you Sir."

It was a great witness in my life that God blessed me by answering my prayer, but I grieved when a 13 year old boy died from the Nepal Police School, 5 km away from the hospital. He and his mates were in their hostel, when the quake hit and the roof of the hostel building fell down and crushed this boy along with his friends. Out of a dozen, he was brought to us dead and two of them were seriously traumatized. One of the boys saw that his friend was dead, asked me, "Uncle, what happened to him?" "Babu (son), he is dead." As soon as he heard, started crying and I had to console him.

Dr.Ramon Ruiz Diaz improvised an outdoor Intensive Care Unit 
for one of the seriously traumatized young men.

What a tragedy we had to face on this earth as the patients were admitted and orthopaedic surgeries were done, and we saw that some of their parents and children had been buried under houses, but they cannot go the funerals because of broken legs.

Now, many villages in Kavre and Sindhupalchowk districts have been starting to smell as many cattle and even people have been buried when houses fell down.

I think this is enough for now! 

God bless you and please continue to pray for Nepal.

Most sincerely,

Sundar Thapa
 Senior Executive Officer
Scheer Memorial Hospital
Of Seventh-day Adventists
Post Box 88, Kathmandu,Nepal

Doctors administering CPR on an unconscious patient.

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