Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 2015 Health Calendar

January 2015 Health Calendar
Take charge of your health this year!
Every month we will continue to bring you highlights of health observances
so you can keep yourself updated about health concerns.
Here is an "At a Glance" health calendar

  If you're interested in reading their January Health Newsletter,click here. 
(Thank you United Health Care!)
Topics:  preventing birth defects, cervical cancer basics,
diagnosing glaucoma. and thyroid disease information.
Now we bring you more information and links to these important health awareness issues:
and it's an article that is well worth reading.

is also full of information.
If you can see this, you can count yourself blessed!
According to the World Health Organization, 284,000,000 people worldwide
are visually impaired.  Read about it here:
Glaucoma awareness is important and

Glaucoma: What your eyes may not be telling you

Blood donation is the gift of life!
There is no mad-made substitute for blood!
(photo credit:

The Himalayan Times had a very interesting article about blood donation:

This page explains the process of donating blood:
Understanding thyroid disease is more important than you may realize!
Around 200 million people worldwide suffer from thyroid problems! has a slideshow called, 
"Thyroid 101 - 19 Signs Your Thyroid Isn't Working Right"

Do you know what a goiter is?
Do you know the difference between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism?
Do you know what Grave's Disease is?
Are you up-to-date on thyroid cancer?
If you want to learn more about these conditions, we invite you to read aboutthem on
Now, please stay healthy and happy!
If you have any health questions, see your doctor!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 Memories: Christmas Drama--The Audience!

Did you see the post about our the Christmas Drama
performed by our nursing students last month?
If you missed it, click here.

Now we're going to post some photos our our audience for you!
If you were here, look for yourself!
If you weren't here, you can see who was able to attend!


Esa Memorial School's older students and two teachers were there
and ... were in time to drink some hot chocolate before it ran out!

See the blue sky?  The weather was perfect that day!

Although some of our students had to stand when everyone arrived,
they sure enjoyed the program.

Now you can browse through the rest of the audience
and see if you can find yourself or your friends!

Thank you all for coming and we hope you enjoyed the show!

We also pray that all of our friends and supporters are enjoying
a great start to 2015!

Take care, stay healthy, and God bless!

Monday, January 5, 2015

News 2014--Last Team of the Year!

Happy New Year!

We hope all our friends and supporters are enjoying a 
great beginning filled with blessings in this new year of 2015!

We are taking this time to remember the great work of the last team
of 2014 which came for a repeat visit to our hospital to help those in need.
It was ADRA Japan's plastic surgery team who come every year for much needed 
and life changing cleft palate repair surgeries.

ADRA Japan's motto is, "Changing the World, One Life at a Time"
and the cleft palate plastic surgery team's motto is

This is from their website, whose link is below.
(If it doesn't translate, simply right click to translate into your chosen language.)

You will find a lot of information about their work,
here in Nepal and in other countries too, if you visit their page.
There's even a link to YouTube videos.

You can only imagine the happiness of the patients and their families
as the quality of life of the patients improves significantly!

When they arrived, Dr. Ramon Ruiz Diaz (center)
greeted his colleagues, their returning anesthesiologists.
They call themselves the Partners in Crime!

Everyone was as happy to be here as we were to have them here!

Like all of our visiting teams do, they brought their own equipment.

Now for some action pictures, for this is why they came!

Every now and then, the "Partners in Crime" were able to sit down--if only for a moment.

This is what we have to say to the team, and all of their supporters, on behalf of their patients:


We already are looking forward to their next visit!

Have a nice day, take care, and God bless!