Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you to ADRA Japan's Cleft & Palate Repair Team!


Thank you to all of our friends and supporters
who have helped to make 2016 a success for
all of our precious patients!

With your continued friendship and support,
we plan to continue treating those who come to us!

We're so thankful that ADRA Japan's Cleft and Palate Repair Team was able to come to
Nepal again and help restore the lives of our patients living with disfigurement.


They spend a lot of time and money preparing to come and gathering all of the
medicine and equipment they will need.  They also pay for the transportation, room and board,
surgery, and after surgery follow-up care for the patients.  What a blessing!!!

Here is the heading picture from their website.

and here is the link to their website:

That link is the translated version.  If it doesn't translate, just click your own translator.
You will discover a video and explanations about this condition.

For further information, click here:

When they arrived, some of the doctors stopped to talk to some of the patients and families.

The nurses started unpacking.

After a small welcome program, the whole team posed for a photograph with our staff 
members who would be working with them.

Then it was right to the screening process!

Someone had some very important issues to discuss with the nurses!
How adorable!

Discussing the results of the screening.


This comprehensive article explains everything, including surgery:

Some of the patients were little ones--hence balloons!

Here is the team:

A closer look:

Here are the precious patients:

All are very thankful they are regaining their lives back.
Their families are happy to see genuine smiles!
Some will be back again next year for another surgery.
Please contact ADRA Japan if you would like to donate to this very worthy cause.,

After we said "Goodbye!" and "Thank you so very much!" to the team,
it was time for them to head home to their families and jobs.

Thanks again, have a wonderful year, and we'll see you next year!!!

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Have a blessed new year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thank You to our Fall 2016 OB/GYN Medical Teams

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We are happy to report that we have had two repeat OB/GYN medical teams come to help ladies in need this fall.  In October, our patients were blessed with the return trip of Centura Global Health Initiatives OB/GYN team from Colorado, U.S.A. Check out their website here:

Have you read about the problem of uterine prolapse in Nepal?  If not, here is an informative article:

Did you miss the story of S. (not her real initial), one of our patients?
If so, click the link under her picture.

After arrival, they went right to work!
Some of our nurses helped with the preliminary histories and reports.

The look on this man's face (he gave permission for his picture to be taken) says it all:
"Please help my wife!"

"Oh yes!  That's why we're here."

Dr. Ramon Ruiz Diaz, center, our anesthesiologist, worked with the team.

We thank them again for coming and their patients thank them even more!

We'll see them again in March 2017.

Are you a medical profession who might want to consider joining one of their teams?
Click here for information about joining a team coming here and/or click around for information about joining a team elsewhere:

Soon after the Centura team went home, we had another OB/GYN team come back again.
It was Holland's Women for Women team or Vrouwen voor Vrouwen as it's called in Dutch.

As always, they made a huge difference in the lives of their patients who received relief
from pain and suffering, often after many years.

Have you seen their website?  If not, click here:

We can't thank these volunteers and also their supporters enough for their time and efforts!

Instead of relaxing at a great vacation spot such as this,
(photo credit:

they work to bring relief to others during their vacations.

(photo credit:  pinterest)


Also...we want to THANK all of our supporters for all you do to help us!!!!!

Blessings to all!

Monday, December 12, 2016

November and December Health Calendars

Season's Greetings!

Is time flying by for you as it is for us?  Are you ready for 2017?

If you are healthy, this can be exciting for you.  If you or a loved one is not, don't despair!
Get to your doctor and get started on whatever treatment is necessary so you can enjoy your life!

Here are some tips for Healthy Holidays,

and here are some more:  (Yum!)

If you are one of those folks who like to update yourself and learn about the World Health Awareness Days, we will refer you to last year's November and December Awareness Days posts:
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As always, if you have any health questions, please come in for a consultation.
No question is too small!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016 Health Calendar


To learn more about this most important of topics and a couple other of important health issues,
we refer you to our October 2015 Health Calendar:

Come in for a consultation if you have any questions.

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Have a nice day!

As always, THANK YOU to all of our friends and supporters!!!