Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Earthquake--Part 11: Visitors (Part 1)

Earthquake--Part 11:  Visitors



We have had some amazing visitors come to help out since that terrible day
which forever changed our lives one month ago.

We are happy and thankful for electricity, internet, food, and shelter.
Many do not have these yet and may not for some time.

The following Aljazeera article gives some insight about the situation here now,
plus has links to other interesting articles.

Our first visitors were Nepalese Army soldiers.
They selflessly did whatever was needed during a time of sever aftershocks.
We were blessed with their presence and by their desire to help their fellow citizens.

Next we had visitors from India bearing gifts of apples, cookies, and water!
At that moment, these gifts really "hit the spot!"

Dr. Yuri Gelland, anesthesiologist from California, along with his son,
came to give medical care in health camp trips to devastated villages.
THANK YOU!!!  What a blessing they were to those they served.
Here, left to right, you see Dr. Dale Mole', Dr. Gelland's son, Dr. Gelland, and Bidur, our head driver.

Dr. David Kovar, cardiologist, from Colorado, came and spent his time giving medical care
with the organization Reach Nepal's food distribution teams.
THANK YOU!!!  You may never know who much hope you gave your patients!
(photo credits:  Reach Nepal)


A team from the Lions Club of Kavre Banepa

visited us and put up this sign:

Yes, there are sponsoring free food to our earthquake victim patients!
What a blessing!  THANK YOU!!!

SOS Children's Villages brought some babysitters and set up this tent.

Busy and sick parents could relax a little knowing their children had a safe place to play!
You can only imagine how useful this was!

These precious darlings can't really smile yet, but they can play!
Healing is starting!

Diego Laje from CNN Espanol, middle, seen here with Dr. Fernando Cardona, pediatrician, left,
and CEO Dr. Dale Mole', interviewed our doctors and presented a story for his listeners
of our earthquake experiences.  THANK YOU!!!
His story helped to bring awareness of our needs to the general public.

Visitors from Doctors Without Borders came to check out our blood supplies.
THANK YOU!!!  We so appreciated their help!
This is very important during "normal" times, and doubly so during a disaster.

This beautiful and sturdy ten, put up by our maintenance men (good job!),
was donated by International Medics, a Canadian group, courtesy of ADRA Nepal.
THANK YOU!!!  It has been so useful and beneficial, as you can imagine.

Here are the team members who brought it to us and assisted our maintenance men in raising it.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Visitors post for information about the rest of our visitors.

In the meantime, we just want to say, "THANK YOU!" not only to everyone
who was able to come physically, but also for everyone who prayed,
and continues to pray, and also for those who are able to help with financial support.


The smile on this precious visitor says it all!

Until next time, blessings to all of you--and thanks again!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 2015 Health Calendar

May 2015 Health Calendar

(photo credit:  simple22.basaba.com)

First of all, we trust this is not anyone we know!  
(photo credit:  blogs.wickedlocal.com)

Let's get real now.
During these difficult days in the aftermath of the earthquakes that have devastated Nepal, we must think of our health, not only for ourselves so we can be strong for whatever the future holds, but also for our children, elderly parents, and all of our loved ones.

The following article from Stratos in New Zealand, 
gives lots of advice for coping after an earthquake:

(Obviously the phone numbers to call are New Zealand numbers,
but feel free to call us if you have questions:  (977) 01-166-1111 or 1112
to schedule an appointment for a coping consultation or simply stop by.)

This article, from the Southern California Earthquake Center, is also full of information
from recovery tips to the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety.

Some health issues have to step aside during difficult times, while important issues have to be dealt with; however, for those battling illnesses, awareness of these illnesses shouldn't be overlooked.
There are many health concerns highlighted in May, but for now we will just give you some
information about the health problems with worldwide awareness in May.

Cystic Fibrosis Month

(photo credit:  pinterest.com)

 What is Cystic Fibrosis?
It's a genetic disorder that affects the lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys, and pancreas.
Can you imagine?
Wikipedia has a comprehensive overview for those who are interested:

Hepatitis Awareness Month

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver.
If you need to educated yourself on the many idiosyncrasies of hepatitis, 
we refer you to the Wikipedia page:

This Nepali Times article is also informative:

The more you know, the safer you will be.

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

(photo credit:  traditioncreek.com)

Lyme Disease is an infectious disease caused by the bite of a tick.
Yes, it is rare in Nepal, but never say never!
If you plan to travel to areas where ticks are common, you must know about it!

Here is the Wikipedia article:

Stay informed!

World No Tobacco Day--May 31, 2015

To read about the World Health Organization's campaign this year, click here:

Here is this year's theme:

Click on this above link for more information.

(photo credit:  imgbuddy.com)

To read about the toll of tobacco around the world, click here:

If you or a loved one needs help with this issue, please come in for a consultation
with one of our internal medicine doctors.

Thanks for visiting!  Thanks for your continued prayers and support!
Now, please relax and enjoy your day!

(photo credit:  pinterest.com)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Earthquake--Part 10: Cracks!

Earthquake--Part 10


Thank you for visiting our news blog for our updates.  We appreciate everyone's prayers, care, concern, and support.  We're still having aftershocks above 4, 

and this My Republica article gives us the sad statistics in the country as of yesterday.

As you know, we are still standing, still working and treating patients.  However, we do have cracks, like most buildings in Nepal.  Here are some of our cracks.

The main office is on the third floor.

This is the doorway to the main office, where the office workers ran to stand, not knowing this crack was cracking as they stood there (on the third floor) on May 12!

Here is the crack on the door frame that leads to the stairs that go down from the office,
just past the above picture.

In this building is the business office.

It was hit hard, and the workers are in a temporary location.

On the other side of that wall, is the registration/discharge area.

Inside (the cracks are all around the entire room):

Mr. Laxman Thapa, operating room head, shows us the recovery room.
No, it is not being used now.  Yes, the cracks are all around the room.

Ditto for the storage room.

In the operating room office, the wall cracked on all the walls, but Jesus stayed up!
We're very thankful for His loving kindness!

Now, here are just a few more random shots of what you can see around here:

You can see why will are appreciated all the support we are getting from our 
friends and families.


Now we'll say Goodbye,

...and let you know to stay tuned for the story of this brave little lady:

Bye and Blessings!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Earthquake--Part 9: Remembering the Second Day, Part 2

Earthquake--Part 9

...or Part 2 of Part 6:  Remembering the Second Day

Greetings from Nepal!  Thank you for stopping by.  Yes, we are OK, even though there are still aftershocks, some of which are a little too strong for our liking!  Thanks for your continued prayers.

For more information, read this ekantipur.com article:  http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2015/05/16/top-stories/8-tremors-above-m4-logged-on-saturday/276296.html

and also this one:  http://www.ekantipur.com/2015/05/17/national/chaos-as-tremors-continue-to-shake-dolakha/405325.html

This one too--about today's jolts, so far.

We are still working strong for our patients and are very motivated.  Some of us are sleeping outside, and may be doing so for some time.

One great need of so many in Nepal is shelter for the upcoming monsoon season and at the same time, help rebuilding their permanent homes.

This article gives an interesting explanation about what's happening:

For now, however, we give you the remaining pictures of our brave patients and staff members 
from April 25, 2015.  None of us asked to be brave--we simply found ourselves brave as we looked danger in the face.

Thanks for prayers and support!
Blessings to all!