Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer 2013 News

The summer of 2013, or the summer of 2070 if you are using the Nepali Bikram Sambat calendar (see here for more information), is now just a fond memory.  Nepal's latitude is 26-28 degrees North, equal to much of Florida, so it can get very hot here in the summer.  If one has the time (which we don't!) and inclination to go swimming, it's now possible to do so here in Kavre District, Nepal!
Yes, the beautiful Kathmandu Fun Park is just a few miles away from us!  Visitors may want to take the time to hope over and cool off!

It can also be quite humid as the summer monsoon rains are upon us.  It was so humid this summer that someone's house plant that had died months before just started growing on it's own!

This is good news for the farmers (and for those of us who like to eat!)!

Unfortunately the rains can cause accidents,

which brings us patients.

Our dedicated surgical teams step into action, day and night, because that's what we're here for.

We're happy to announce that this summer orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rupesh Vaidya, right, seen here with Dr. Ramon Ruiz Diaz, anesthesiologist, rejoined our staff after a brief absence.  

To read more about our orthopedic services, or any other services you may be interested in, please visit and click on the Orthopedics Department page and/or whichever page you'd like to see.

Along with Dr. Rupesh, we were happy to welcome back three other physicians to the Scheer Memorial Family this summer after absences as well.  Seen below are, left to right, returning physicians Dr. Angela Basnet, Internal Medicine, Dr. Lavona Pilli, OB/GYN, and Dr. Prameed Pilli, Orothopedic Surgeon.  The Pilli's sons, Jonathan and Timothy (who have since left Nepal to go to school) are on the right.
We're so happy to welcome them back "home!"

Other blessings came our way this summer in the form of visitors.  Our visitors take time from their busy schedules, fund their own trips, and give their time and efforts to our patients.

Dr. Cindy Swannell, family physician from Brisband, Australia, and her husband Dave and three children blessed us with two months of service for the people of Banepa.
Cindy kept busy with patients

while Dave and the children made time to go to Esa Memorial School during recess.

Thank you Dr. Cindy for your dedicated time with your patients and we thank the whole family for coming to spend time with us.  Take care and God bless you all!

Physiotherapist students from England spent time in our Physio Department.  Here, physiotherapist chief Parakram Raj Pandey demonstrates a procedure on an arthritis patient.

Here one of the students advises a patient on the proper exercises for his injury.

Orthopedic surgeon/traumatology resident Dr. Saray Fernandez Munoz from Barcelona, Spain spent a month in our surgical department.  We wish her all the best as she finishes residency and begins her career!

As summer started winding down, between rain storms,

we started seeing blue skies again!

This was nice because it meant that SOMETIMES, yes, only sometimes, we were able to get a glimpse of the majesty that is the Himalayan Mountain Range!

This means that soon and very soon we will be able to see this majesty every time we go down the road!  Yes, we won't have the heat and himidity anymore, but we will have our mountain views!

We're so thankful to God for all His blessings.
Thank you for visiting us, take care and God bless you.