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February 2016 Health Calendar

Notice:  This post is an ADULTS ONLY post of important information for adults.

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This February, consider taking care of yourself!  

Australia, the U.K., Canada, and the U.S. have Sexual Health Awareness campaigns during February.

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This is something that many people are reluctant to talk about,
and consequently, many people who find themselves having problems suffer in silence.

The following article from the Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition,
entitled "Barriers to Sexual Health Services for Young People in Nepal."
is a very interesting, important, and informative article.  These issues should not be ignored.

To anyone reading this, if you need to see a doctor about a sensitive issue, you don't have to tell the registration clerks your story!  Just state the doctor and/or specialty you wish to see and,
if asked, simply say that you need a consultation.  Your personal issues are only between
you and your doctor.  Never be embarrassed by any question or problem.

Here is what the World Health Organization has to say about
sexual and reproductive health:

Women, protect your health!  Men, protect your wife's health--and your own!

Yes, it's also National Condom Month.

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This article from the Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society entitled
"Knowledge about Condoms among Adolescents in Kathmandu Valley" is very interesting:

Do you know what molluscum contagiosum is?
This is it below.  If you thought you knew all about STDs, but didn't know this one,
you might want to update yourself.
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Check out the following link for more info.

Here are more reasons to wear a condom:

Impotence awareness is another condition that is very important to see your doctor about.
Impotence might be an indicator of a serious medical condition.
This subject cannot be ignored and if it's a medical condition, it won't go away by itself.

The Causes of Physical Impotence
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Think impotence is a something only older men may encounter?
Think again.

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This comprehensive article below is worth reading.
There are other important information links too, such as a quiz and slideshow.

Are you aware of this?

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Read about it here:

This February, remember this:

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