Thursday, May 14, 2015

Earthquake--Part 8: May 11--Again?!

Earthquake--Part 8

May 11--Again?

"Oh no!  Again?  It can't be!  It is!!!  Run to a doorway!  It's not stopping!  Run outside!!!  Go!  Go!  NOW!"

If you had been here on May 11, at about half past noon, these are the words you would have heard.  As disbelief turned to reality, the people of Nepal realized it was happening again.  Yes, there had been many aftershocks since "The Day," but we had started to try and relax and hope for the best!  Yes, we were still working with ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) 
and an organization called Reach Nepal, to send medical care. food and other supplies to outlying villages in desperate conditions,

and yes, we had heard that it was possible that the quake had shifted things underground and another large quake could happen--but when it did, we were still unprepared for how unreal and scary it would be!  No, you don't get toughened by the aftershocks!  They, along with new earthquakes, are still deadly, as this one proved to be.

Here is a quote from our CEO, Dr. Dale Mole':  "The hospital staff responded to the latest disaster with true professionalism. I was impressed by those staff who remained with their patients despite the risk to their personal safety."

Below are some scenes of the day.  Dr. Mole', his wife Susen, and Sundar Thapa, and other staff members immediately assessed and controlled the situation.

Staff and volunteers too helped bring patients outside,

including this brave young woman who gave birth during the quake
with Dr. Lavona Pilli and her staff.

Dr. Binod Aryal carried the baby.

Dr. Cardona checked on another new mother,

while Grandma enjoyed meeting the new member of her family!

Four babies were born that day!
Another brave mother and her darling baby had help getting to her outdoor ward.

Those who were able took themselves outside.

In the courtyard, doctors, nurses, and other staff members continued working,

while some patients tried to calm their nerves.

In the back of the hospital, where some tents were still up, wards quickly appeared.

These little darlings were not sure what was happening, but there was
no way they were going to leave Grandma's bedside.

It's lovely to see how everyone was and still are banding together and helping each other!

Dr. Angela Basnet helped to set up a sun shade tarp,

and so did the maintenance men and their helpers,

while treatment on our 43 earthquake victims for the day continued.

Dr. Dale Mole' had a walking "update" meeting, as there was not time to sit down and talk.

We thank all of you for for continued prayers and support.  Devastation continues and with the monsoon looming, we pray help will continue to arrive for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones while still hungry, wounded, and sleeping outside.


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