Friday, October 30, 2015

October 2015 Health Calendar

Did you have a healthy October?
If so, you are lucky!

However, many people around the world did not have a healthy October, or in fact a healthy year.
Next year is promising to be a difficult too for those suffering with health problems.

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Did you know...

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One in eight???  Those are pretty serious odds.

Here is an interesting article from the Journal of Chitwan Medical College 
about cancer prevalence in Nepal.  

This Journal of the Nepal Medical Association discusses the management of 
breast cancer in Nepal, which is Nepal's second most common malignancy.
This is a very important article.

Ladies, when was the last time you had a female check-up?
Men, when was the last time the ladies in your life had a female check-up?
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Mammograms are one way to detect breast cancer.
Are you or your loved ones up-to-date?

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Breast self-exam is extremely important!!!
Do you know about this?

Here's an ADULTS ONLY please section of
which explains this.

We recommend browsing this whole website for all the important information there.

Have questions?
Come in for a Question & Answer session with one of our gynecologists.
No question is too small!

Do you know what Rett Syndrome is?  
If not, you can learn about it now.
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Read the above photo credit link to find out more.

Here is an informative fact sheet from The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke:

Would you like to read about Rett Syndrome in Nepal?
Check out this article from The Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society.

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What is SIDS?
It's a devastating occurrence.
The acronym stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
It's too awful to think about, but we must and everyone should be aware of this because it does occur.

Read about it here:

This "Safe to Sleep" article from The National Institute of Health has lots of information 
as well as links to more information.

Have questions?
Our pediatricians are happy to answer them.  
Come in for a Q & A (Question and Answer) session.

Have a nice day and stay happy and healthy!
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See you in November!

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