Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015 Health Calendar

Where did November go?

We hope that your November was a healthy one.

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For many people, they smiled, but their eyes may have told the truth--
they were fighting for their lives.

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If you click the above link, you will find devastating statistics.

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Read more here, from the National Cancer Institute in the U.S.:

The Nepal Cancer Relief Society has a very comprehensive website full of information.

To learn more, has a very thorough website also full of information,
including symptoms and a slide show.

Worldwide GERD Awareness Week is in November.

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What is GERD?  Read the above link and the one below to find out.

If anyone you knows suffers from this, please come in and find out which treatment is best for them.
This news CBS article describes why being under a doctor's care is so important.

Diabetes Awareness is also during November.

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Click on the above link to find out about Diabetes.

Do you know the symptoms?
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The above Hindustan Times article is very comprehensive about this silent killer.

Do you know the risk factors?

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Click on the above Best Real Health link for more information.

Here is Nepal's page on the International Diabetes Federation of South-East Asia:

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Click the link
for more information about the Nepal Diabetes Association.

Here is their website:

We always recommend visiting your doctor if you have any health questions.
If you live nearby, come on in!  We're here to help!

To close, how about this?
It certainly doesn't hurt to keep your brain healthy!

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Have a wonderful and healthy day!

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