Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you to ADRA Japan's Cleft & Palate Repair Team!


Thank you to all of our friends and supporters
who have helped to make 2016 a success for
all of our precious patients!

With your continued friendship and support,
we plan to continue treating those who come to us!

We're so thankful that ADRA Japan's Cleft and Palate Repair Team was able to come to
Nepal again and help restore the lives of our patients living with disfigurement.


They spend a lot of time and money preparing to come and gathering all of the
medicine and equipment they will need.  They also pay for the transportation, room and board,
surgery, and after surgery follow-up care for the patients.  What a blessing!!!

Here is the heading picture from their website.

and here is the link to their website:

That link is the translated version.  If it doesn't translate, just click your own translator.
You will discover a video and explanations about this condition.

For further information, click here:

When they arrived, some of the doctors stopped to talk to some of the patients and families.

The nurses started unpacking.

After a small welcome program, the whole team posed for a photograph with our staff 
members who would be working with them.

Then it was right to the screening process!

Someone had some very important issues to discuss with the nurses!
How adorable!

Discussing the results of the screening.


This comprehensive article explains everything, including surgery:

Some of the patients were little ones--hence balloons!

Here is the team:

A closer look:

Here are the precious patients:

All are very thankful they are regaining their lives back.
Their families are happy to see genuine smiles!
Some will be back again next year for another surgery.
Please contact ADRA Japan if you would like to donate to this very worthy cause.,

After we said "Goodbye!" and "Thank you so very much!" to the team,
it was time for them to head home to their families and jobs.

Thanks again, have a wonderful year, and we'll see you next year!!!

(photo credit:

 (photo credit:

Have a blessed new year!

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