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News Fall 2014--Physician Volunteers

Fall News 2014


We have been blessed here at Scheer Memorial Hospital with numerous visitors
coming from around the world to give assistance and help to the 
patients of Nepal.  Some are returning visitors and others are first-timers.
All are appreciated and all are needed.

(photo credit:  pinterest.com)

Have you seen this report of Nepal's Demographic Profile,  http://www.indexmundi.com/nepal/demographics_profile.html

or this one, which also has Nepal's rank?

As you can see, there is a shortage of health care workers here.
This article from The Himalayan Times tells about it:

 We have had three physician volunteers come from Germany/Austria this fall.

Dr. Christa Baczko, anesthesiologist, was here on a repeat assignment
to give anesthesia in the operating room while Dr. Ramon Ruiz Diaz was on vacation.

(photo credit:  howcast.com)

If her name sounds familiar, you may have read about her in this previous post:

She was instrumental in helping us to obtain a new anesthesia machine
from Rotary International.  That post tells about it,
and shows her picture with the machine
and Mr. Laxman Thapa, operating room chief and anesthesia assistant.

Here is a picture of her in the OT at SMH,

and visiting Nepal!

Would you like to see where she lives in Austria?
Yes, it's the beautiful Alps!

Thank you again Dr. Baczko (and Rotary International)!

Our second physician volunteer who gave of his time and expertise
was Dr. Sieghard Freising, a surgeon from Friedrichshafen, Germany,
who came to help while our surgeon Dr. Shashinda Bhuju was on vacation.

Here he is in action on the left,

and relaxing after Dr. Shashinda Bhuju came back with (left to right)
Dr. Ramon Ruiz Diaz, Dr. Shashinda Bhuju, himself, and Najarman Mann.
(Thank you for the picture Dr. Bhuju!)

Thank you for coming Dr. Freising!
We wish you a very happy holiday season with your new granddaughter!

Our third visiting physician volunteer from Germany
was Dr. Karola Benning, internist.

We sure appreciate your time and service Dr. Benning!
You made a difference to your patients!
Here she is on the left with Sanu Nepal, clinic assistant,
and Dr. Gaurav Kumar Gupta, internist.

Again, we thank each of these doctors for volunteering their time
with us.  We hope to see them again if they are able to come back.

Here is a message from your patients:
(photo credit:  gopixpic.com)

Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more news!

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