Tuesday, December 30, 2014

News Fall 2014--Teams!


As we look back on 2014, one of our big blessings was the welcoming
presence of medical surgical teams.

Yes, we (by this we mean our patients!!!) were blessed again with medical teams
who came to help and lend a hand..
They showed true friendship to strangers who needed help!

(photo credit:  zazzle.ca, words by Andrew Gold)

If you read the previous post, you'll know that there is a shortage of medical
personnel here in Nepal, so there are people needing medical care who have to wait for treatment--
some longer than you would care to imagine.

The teams we had here this fall were all returning teams,
and all much needed teams.

They could have gone on vacation--
(Curacao--photo credit:  Dr. Ramon)

(photo credit:  europeantrips.org)

(photo credit:  wikipedia.org)

...but they chose to come to Nepal and help those in need.

Holland's Women for Women OB/GYN team was here
for their important uterine prolapse repair surgeries.
Their website is very informational and includes a message
from Dr. Mark E. Vierhout about his recent time here:

(Right click "Translate to English" if need be.)

Thank you Dr. Mark Vierhout (center)!!!

Thank you Dr. Loes Harmsen (center)!!!

You may remember reading about the plight of many women in Nepal,
who often go back to work very soon after giving birth.
This contributes to the condition of uterine prolapse, a very difficult condition to live with.

If you don't know much about this condition,
you can read about it in this webmd.com article:

The Women for Women team worked with two Nepali OB/GYN
residents from Paropakar Maternity & Women's Hospital,
Dr. Rajir Shah and Dr. Jhuma Silwal.
Thank you for coming!
 We know you will be of great service to your people!

Also here (coming biannually) for this important surgery
was Colorado's Global Health Initiatives OB/GYN team.
Their website tells more about their work in Nepal and other countries too.

Click "Projects" to read details and click "Donate" if you are able to help.
If you are a skilled health professional interested in going on one of
their missions, click "Volunteer" for information.

This year's team posed with our operating room team
at a farewell dinner.

Pastor David Kennedy and Greg Hodgson, the director,
sat with our new CEO Dr. Dale Mole and his wife Susen.

Dr. Mole thanked the team for coming and passed out gifts.
Dr. Fernando Cardona was on hand.

Greg Hodgson and Pralhad Bhurtel, project coordinator, were also on hand.

Thank you again for your time and efforts!

We're all looking forward to their next visit in February 2015.

Volunteers also spent time at Esa Memorial School
telling Bible stories and doing crafts with the students.
Fun was had by all!

One more team came, but you will have to stay tuned until the next post
to find out which team it was!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will already know!

Stay tuned for more news and pictures!


(photo credit:  desicomments.com)

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