Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pathfinder Day

Do you know what a Pathfinder is?

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Yes, that is a Pathfinder--and a very nice one too!

However, we have a different kind of Pathfinder right here in Banepa, Nepal.

Yes, Pathfinders are members of the worldwide Pathfinder Club
of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
All interested young people, between the ages of 10 and 15,
 are welcome in any Pathfinder Club in the world!

The three tenants of the organization center around the physical, mental,
and spiritual aspects of life.

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Pathfinder Club members participate in learning classes
in which they can earn badges.

Those interested in learning about the classes, may visit the official
Pathfinder website for more information and many links,
including the history of the club:

Now, are you ready for some pictures of our amazing Pathfinders
on their special Pathfinder Sabbath?

Here they are:

After song service,

the platform team entered,

and our hospital's new CEO and his wife, Dr. Dale & Susen Mole, were introduced.

Next, two of our young gentlemen took up the offering.

We were very proud to hear a Bible verse memorization by one of our younger members.

and a Bible chapter memorization by a senior member!

Good job!

Next the club treated the congregation to a special music number,

followed by a sermon presented by one of our senior members.

One of our future Pathfinders wanted to clarify a point with Dr. Ramon.

We want to thank and congratulate all our Pathfinders, past, present, and future,
as they learn how to be the best adult they can be!

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