Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 2015 Health Calendar--Part 1

Happy August!

This first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week.

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This year's theme is:
Breastfeeding and Work--Let's Make it Work!

Read more about it here:

Sometimes breastfeeding is not smooth sailing.

This Medical News Today article explains that 2/3 of all new mothers have trouble--

Here is an article about thrush and it's difficulties:

Here is a picture:

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Read the above photo credit link for lots of information on thrush and other problems!

To read the story of one woman's fight with breastfeeding and thrush:
Click the photo credit link for the post.
Thank you Emily for sharing your journey with us!

There are many other interesting posts on this blog for you mothers out there,
such as this post about plugged ducts:

That doesn't sound fun, does it?

Did you see this link?
Thank you!
You will find out how to distinguish between plugged ducts and mastitis,
plus find out lots of other useful information.

This blog:
gives more information!  Thank you Kirsten!  

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What about here in Nepal?  Check out this article from
Health Renaissance:
Knowledge and practice of mothers regarding breast feeding: a hospital based study 
RN Chaudhary1 , T Shah2 , S Raja3 1Department of Child health Nursing, 2Department of Community Health Nursing, 3Department of Pediatrics, BPKIHS Dharan 

and this one from Public Health Perspective Nepal:

Did you catch this interesting and important article in by
Dr.Rajbhandari from Save the Children's Saving Newborn Lives Program?
Thank you Dr. Rajbhandari.

For more facts, check this out:
10 Facts About Breastfeeding
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Click on the above photo credit link for 10 breastfeeding facts.

If anyone you know is having trouble in this area, of if you simply have questions,
please come in for a consultation with one of our OB/GYNs.

Have a nice day and stay tuned for more August Health issues!

Have a safe and healthy day!

Ending with the Pregnancy Food Pyramid...
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(Click the link to find out more!)

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