Sunday, April 12, 2015

Water--Do you take it for granted?

Water is a basic human right, right?  Of course it is!

Did you know that the citizens of Nepal cannot take it for granted?

Read this article by Dr. Suresh Das Shrestha from Trubhuvan University,
Kathmandu, for information:  
(Thank you Dr. Suresh!)

Carrying water from the local faucet is an everyday normal occurrence for many people.

Some people are lucky enough to have a water supply near their house. 

Sometimes you can wash your clothes, dishes, and children all at the same time,
plus have time to visit with your neighbors.

Imagine watering this field by ferrying water for hours like this young man is doing.

Just because you own a restaurant doesn't mean you have enough water.

Likewise, just because you are a hospital doesn't mean you have enough water!
Yes, we are affected by the water shortage as much as everyone else is.

If you would like to get involved with some projects we are investigating
to help us have an effective water supply, please send us an e-mail:


Here is a photostory by International Alert entitled "Cheated by Nature" that will 
give you more information about Nepal's water shortage:

To close, we have a interesting story blog for you to read from Boston University:

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