Friday, April 17, 2015

April 2015 Health Calendar (Part 1)

This April, which is a new year here in Nepal,

(By they way, if you missed last year's new year post,
which tells about New Year's in Nepal, click here.
The only different items are that it is now the year 2072 (!)
and the medical volunteer health teams have already departed.)

(Happy New Year!)

determine to stay healthy (or get healthy if needed!)!

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Remember this:

If you click the above link, you'll find a great website with lots of information, including healthy recipes, disease prevention tips, staying healthy tips, health videos and games too!

There are several important health issues highlighted worldwide and in the U.S. and Canada this April.  If you are interested in learning more about these problems, continue reading.  
(This is Part 1.  Stay tuned for Part !)

Cesarean Awareness Month

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Do you know anyone who had to have a Cesarean Section, or C-section, as it's commonly called?
If so, please tell her,"Bravo!"

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This blog post, written by Dr. Amy Tuteur, OB/GYN, 
will help you to understand why C-section mothers are so brave!
Thank you Dr. Tuteur!

This article, by Shanti Subedi, lecturer at Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital, 
gives you some information about C-sections in Nepal:
Thank you Shanti Subedi!

Please come in for a consultation with one of our three obstetrician/gynecologists
if you have any questions!

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Awareness Month

Don't let this happen to you!  See you doctor BEFORE it gets this bad!

For information, Wikipedia's article is very informative:

This article from New Spotlight News Magazine, 
gives information about this disease in Nepal:
Thank you to the author--Buddha Basnyat, M.D.
Remember--don't suffer in silence!  Come in for a consultation if you need to!

Autism Awareness Month

What do you know about Autism?
Do you know that, yes, it is here in Nepal?

autism new children in the world

If you click the above link, you will find a very thorough account about 
Autim in Nepal by Sujen Man.  Thank you Sujen--this is an amazing article!

The above link is also very thorough and interesting and includes a video
with a girl with Autism "speaking" through her computer!

Here is the website of the AutismCare Nepal Society, which you can contact 
for further information:

Canadian Oral Health Month

Is this you?
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Don't wait for a toothache!  Come in for your check-up with Dr. Kriti Khanal...

...if you haven't done so recently!

If you are interested, the article below is very informative and has many links.

Here's the link to a great page with fun activity pages to print for your children:

Here's another one with great online games:

Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay tuned for Part 2!

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