Monday, March 30, 2015

News 2015--Centura Global Health Initiatives

This is the website of one of our great friends:  Centura Global Health Initiatives.

They came back to Nepal to help the ladies of Nepal 

with much needed uterine prolapse surgeries. We're very thankful that they come two to three times per year.


If you checked out their website, you'll notice that they take medical mission trips not only to Nepal, but also go to two sister Seventh-day Adventist hospitals in



and a partner hospital in

All of their work is self-funded, and they do accept donations.  If you feel compelled to offer financial assistance, please visit their website for information.  If you are a medical professional interested in participating in a campaign, please also visit their website for information.

Would you like to know more about why these surgeries are so important and necessary?  This article from Irin Humanitarian News & Analysis is very thorough and informative:

Their time here flew by, and before we knew it, 29 women had their lives back!

The surgical team is seen here in action:  Amanda Ruth Meyer, M.D., is in the middle and Sherman Foss Powers, Jr., R.N. is on the right.  Thank you again!

(photo credit:  Sherman Foss Powers, Jr., R.N.)

The Anesthesia Team is often overlooked, but oh so integral!  Do you want to have surgery without anesthesia?!  L - R:  Laxman Thapa, operating room chief, Lee Graham, C.R.N.A., and Ramon Ruiz Diaz, M.D.  Thank you Team!

Dr. Dale Mole', CEO, thanked the team for coming... 

and passed out remembrance and thank you gifts.
Thank you Amanda Ruth Meyer, M.D., OB/GYN.

Thank you Lee Graham, C.R.N.A.

(Project Team Coordinator Prahlad Bhurtal is on the right.)

Thank you Kathy McCracken, R.N.

Thank you Sherman Foss Powers, Jr., R.N.

Thank you Lynda Kithil, R.N., and surgical services coordinator.

We also give a giant THANK YOU to Greg Hodgson, the director of Global Health Initiatives, and all the work he does coordinating the logistics of such undertakings as these medical trips.
Left to Right:  Susen & Dr. Dale Mole', CEO, Greg Hodgson, Prahlad Bhurtal, and Cheryl Curry.

Please enjoy these hospital scenes.

When they said, "Goodbye," to Nepal,

(photo credit:  Kathy McCracken, R.N.)

we said, "Thank you forever and please come back soon!"

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