Tuesday, February 17, 2015

News 2015--Hong Kong ENT Team


Do you know what that is?
Do you know how to pronounce it?

(photo credit:  wikipedia.org)

Otorhinolaryngology is the study of ear, nose, and throat medical conditions.  Yes, the doctors with this speciality are the doctors referred to as ENT physicians.  To read more about this topic, you are invited to read this wikipedia article:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otorhinolaryngology

If you have visited this blog before, you will know that we are happy to receive an ENT team from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital every year to perform ENT surgeries, headed by Dr. Buddy Wong Yat-Kiu, ENT surgeon.  They come during their vacation time to give of their time, efforts, and expertise to help those in need.

This picture is from their website, which, if you are so inclined, you can peruse at your leisure here:  https://www.hkah.org.hk/en/main

They arrived happy and ready to get to work!

Some of the 15 team members were "repeat customers" and some were "first timers!"
We are thankful that all of them came and we hope the "first timers" 
become "repeat customers!"  Some of them work at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital,
some work at other hospitals in the city, and some are retired.  

The team consisted of four ENT surgeons, three audiologists, four operating room nurses, one outpatient nurse, two post-operative nurses, and one secretary.

This shot shows Dr. Buddy Wong, team leader, performing a surgery.

You may enjoy this interesting article from the Hong Kong Medical Journal in which Dr. Wong was interviewed and talks about his work:

How many patients were treated this year?  52 patients had surgeries!  What a blessing!  Where did they come from?  From right here in Kavre,

neighboring Bhaktapur,

and Kathmandu.

The team posed with our own operating room doctors, nurses, and staff members
during their farewell dinner at the Mirabel Hotel in Dhulikhel.

Yes, it was a lovely dinner--the best part being the company!

Dr. Dale Mole', our new CEO, thanked the team for coming to Nepal
and helping those in need.

Dr. Wong,

Mrs. Wong, R.N.,

and in fact, all of the team members,
received recognition from Dr. Mole and a scarf from his wife Susen.

Below, please find just a few more photos.
(If you'd like to have a copy of any or all of the pictures, please e-mail us
at scheerhospital@gmail.com and make the request.)


We look forward to your next visit!!!

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