Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 2016 Health Calendar

Did you...

As we move into October, let's revisit the health awareness issues that were
highlighted this past September.

For more information about these devastating cancers, click the photo credit.

has a great deal of important information, including such topics as these:

You will find this boy's story:

If you know someone fighting cancer, you know how brave they are!
(photo credit:

You'll also know how determined they are!  Your support is so important to them!
(photo credit:

September was Worldwide
Reye's Syndrome Awareness Month

Do you know what that is?
(photo credit:

Read the photo credit link to find out.

You'll find more information here:
(photo credit:

This photo credit also is full of important information including a page
with information about talking to your Tweens and Teens about aspirin and other meds.

(photo credit:

I know you've heard the name, but do you know what it is?
Read the photo credit link under this picture to learn about it.

This newspaper article from The Guardian is worth reading:

Is this disease in Nepal?  Yes, it is.
Did you read this article?,1460

As always, if you have questions about any of these diseases, or any other medical issue,
please come in for a consultation.

The following are Worldwide Awareness Days in September.
Read each photo credit to learn more.

September 9:  Worldwide Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day
(photo credit:

September 10:  Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day
(photo credit:

September 21:  Worldwide Alzheimer's Day 

September 25:  International Ataxia Awareness Day

September 29:  World Heart Day

Please stay healthy as the fall season approaches!
However, if you or a loved one feels sick, please don't hesitate to come in!
With the proper medication, you'll soon be feeling back to your old self!

Have a nice day!!!  :)

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