Sunday, September 11, 2016

World Physical Therapy Day 2016--Part 1

September 8 was World Physical Therapy Day 2016.
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The head of our Physiotherapy Department, Mr. Dinesh Chataut, planned a busy
and informative day.  First, he spoke about the importance of physical therapy on the radio--
Prime FM 104.5 Banepa.
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Here are some reasons why physical therapy is so important:

Mr. Dinesh gave an interview to the weekly newspaper Chestha Weekly.

                            Mr. Dinesh showed the article to one of the paper boys.

Thank you Paper Boys for bringing the papers to us!

The other newspaper he gave an interview to is Samacharpatra Daily.

Registration commenced.  Mr. Imesh Adhikari, Masters of Physical Therapy,
consulted with the registration team.

Enjoy these pictures from the registration!
Do you see yourself or someone you know?
If not, don't worry--more pictures will come in the next posts.  There are too many for one post!


Here is a video of the start of the Fun Run!  

Have a nice and healthy day!

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