Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 2016 Health Calendar

August Health Awareness

(photo credit:  http://blog.ezdoctor.com/?tag=/soarasis)

Do you know what psoriasis is?
This webmed.com page below gives a good overview and has links and slideshows.
Please don't let your children see the slideshows, as they could scare a young child.

This article gives one young lady's experience:

Here are some more stories of people living with this embarrassing condition,
and also some videos:

To find out about the physical, emotional, psychological, and social toll psoriasis
has on people, check this out:

You can be a beacon of light and compassion to someone with this condition if you know about it.

(photo credit:  http://infusionexpress.com/august-is-psoriasis-awareness-month/)

The first week of August was:

(photo credit:  youtube.com)

The below photo credit is an excellent read.

Check out this photo credit site for information such as:
How Breastfeeding Changes as Baby Gets Older.
Top 10 Breastfeeding Problems Solved.
10 Breastfeeding Super Foods.
How Long Should I be Nursing on Each Side
12 Ways to Make Breastfeeding Easier
Unsafe Foods for Nursing Moms
...and lots more pregnancy topics...including maternity fashion!!!

Not everyone has smooth sailing with breastfeeding.
Read this to find out more:  https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/breastfeeding/Pages/Warning-Signs-of-Breastfeeding-Problems.aspx

Be sure to come in for a consultation if you have any questions!!!

Thank you again and always to all of our friends and supporters!
We appreciate all your help!

Have a nice day and stay healthy!
You know what to do if you're feeling sick or have questions!

For info on staying healthy in your later years, read the below photo credit.

(photo credit:  http://goweloveit.info/health-and-fitness/how-to-stay-healthy-and-happy-in-your-later-years/)

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