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Patient Stories--Knee Injury & Physio

Knee Injury!!!

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Wow, if you've ever injured your knee,  you know that it can be disabling!

If you haven't, man, you don't know what you're missing! Seriously, it's nothing to laugh about.
When everything is going well, you take your knees for granted.  When you injure one or both knees,
you realize:

Your whole life is affected. 

Here is an overview:

That website also has many links with such topics as Exercises, Dos and Don'ts,
a Sports Injury Quiz, Healthy Aging, and Joint Health Tips.  Check it out!

Here is Subritra and her husband.  Look at that smile!
Why is she smiling?  Read on!

One day Subritra was out collecting food for her animals, like women do every day in Nepal.

As we have all done at one time or another, she slipped and fell.
There was a sharp pain in her knee!  Ouch!  It somehow seemed different from other times she had fallen.  However, life goes on and Subitra limped painfully home.
Her family helped do some of her chores so she could rest her knee, but it soon became apparent
that a visit to the doctor was in order.

For ten years she went from hospital to hospital looking for relief.  TEN YEARS!  However, her days were filled with hopelessness and frustration.  When you're a busy wife and mother, having constant pain
while you take care of your family can be physically and emotionally draining.

Eventually, after the above mentioned ten years had gone by, Scheer Memorial Hospital
became the next hospital in line! 

Dr. Prameed Pilli, orthopedic surgeon, diagnosed PCL.

What is PCL?  Read here to find out:

Yes, as you may have imagined, her injury, old though it was, needed to be operated on.
After surgery, Dr. Pilli sent her home with instructions to rest until it was time for physical therapy.

Yes, Physical Therapy is important!
Read here for information:

and here:

Here is our Physical Therapy, or Physiotherapy, team,

and our Physiotherapy Department.

Mr. Dinesh Chataut, head of the Department of Physiotherapy, seen here with the now happy couple,

put Sumitra on an intense physiotherapy program.  Even though it was understandably
painful, Sumitra knew it would be the best course of action, and she faithfully stuck
to the program.

You know the saying:
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It's true!

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Yes, if you noticed Subrita's smile, you'll know why!  Her persistence paid off!
Determination is worth it!  She finally feels like her old self again!  Her family is glad to have Sumitra walking around the house and doing her chores with a smile on her face instead of a grimace!

Do you fix your own brakes?
If not, don't fix your own medical problems!  See your doctor, and when advised,
see your physiotherapist!
You many accidentally make things worse if you don't know what you're doing!
Exercising incorrectly could also cause knee pain.

Come in for a consultation!  What can it hurt?
Read this photo credit:

Physical Therapy is not only for adults!
Read this photo credit:
for information.

Again, come in if you have questions.
Thank you for reading this!
 We also really thank our supporters who keep our hospital running!

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