Friday, May 27, 2016

April/May 2016 Health Calendar

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Are you springing into health this spring?

Are you taking care of yourself this spring?
What about your skin?
Check this out:

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Click on the photo credit to find out more!

Are you determined to get and stay healthy?

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Click the photo credit for more information.
You will find out about World Health Day which was April 7, 2016.

This year's theme is Beat Diabetes.
World Health Day 2016 quiz

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Click the photo credit for the World Health Organization's diabetes information.
You'll find out how many people worldwide have diabetes, and can watch a video,
take a quiz, and more.

The International Diabetes Federation South-East Asia has information
about diabetes in Nepal:

Here is Nepal's scorecard:

...and here is the website of Diabetes-Nepal, which has lots of information:

For more information, come in for a Question/Answer session with one of our doctors.

This spring, the last week of April, was also World Immunization Week.

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To learn about this important issue, click on the above link.
Besides lots of information, you will find fact sheets, a quiz and video,
and action plans.

Did you see this article about Nepal from the World Health Organization on our Facebook page?
If not, check it out:
Here is the beautiful picture for that article:
Mother with a child, Nepal.

Parents, you are invited to come in for a question and answer session with one of our pediatricians.

Coming up soon is World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

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Read about it here:

Here is Nepal's Fact Sheet from The Tobacco Atlas:

It's scary.

So is this Tobacco Profile of Nepal from the World Health Organization:

Here is a fact sheet with a run down of all the dangers of smoking:

Besides those, check this out:

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Click on the photo credit for more information.

Besides that, did you know:

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Please have the smoker in your life read this photo credit:

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Show them this and read the photo credit for info:
effects of smoking

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 More importantly, take them to see one of our internal medicine docs
for help with quitting.  Help is available.

For tips on helping someone you love quit, check this out:

Lastly, remember this!

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Have a nice...and!

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