Monday, July 20, 2015

News 2015--Open Heart International--Team 2


Yes, these are beautiful smiles from beautiful patients and their grateful families!

These are burn victims.  

Read about burn victims in Nepal here:

This is why Open Heart International's Burn Contracture plastic surgery team 
is so important and so critical to those they help.

to the 23 medical team members who traveled to Nepal this year!

If you haven't seen their website, check it out!

Did you see this story of their 5000th patient last year?  He is a darling Nepali boy they helped.

Arrival 2015:

The nurses immediately started preparing their wards:

How many patients benefited from surgeries this year?  32!  
Yes, 32 precious souls were able to have the relief from their suffering that surgery affords.

You saw some of them at the beginning of this post.  Here are some more of the dear patients.

These 32 patients came from here in Kavre, and also Kailali,
where Lake Godhaghodi Tal is,
Ghodaghodi Lake1.JPG
(photo credit:


(photo credit:

and Kanchanpur, home of the Chandani-Dodhara Suspension Bridge.
A stunning view of Dodhara Chandani Bridge, Mahakali.jpg
(photo credit:

We're so thankful, not only to the volunteer team, but also to all of the donors
who made the patients' journeys to Banepa and their surgeries possible.

The Open Heart team was thankful for the delicious lunches prepared by Mrs. Rampyari Bajracharya,
seen here with Mr. Pralhad Bhurtal, project coordinator, and her daughters, below. 

Again, THANKS!!!
...and blessings to all who are reading this.  

For those who are interested, here's an interesting article from July 16:
(There is still work to do.  We thank all who are still helping!)

Have a nice day!

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