Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 Memories: Christmas Drama--The Audience!

Did you see the post about our the Christmas Drama
performed by our nursing students last month?
If you missed it, click here.

Now we're going to post some photos our our audience for you!
If you were here, look for yourself!
If you weren't here, you can see who was able to attend!


Esa Memorial School's older students and two teachers were there
and ... were in time to drink some hot chocolate before it ran out!

See the blue sky?  The weather was perfect that day!

Although some of our students had to stand when everyone arrived,
they sure enjoyed the program.

Now you can browse through the rest of the audience
and see if you can find yourself or your friends!

Thank you all for coming and we hope you enjoyed the show!

We also pray that all of our friends and supporters are enjoying
a great start to 2015!

Take care, stay healthy, and God bless!

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