Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring 2014 News--Goodbye!

GOODBYE!  "Goodbye!" is sometimes hard to say!  However, time doesn't stand still and keeps on slipping away, so sometimes you can't ignore it and have to say it!  Here at Scheer Memorial Hospital we had to say goodbye to some beloved friends who came into our lives--some for a short while and some for a long while!  However, they will all always be in our hearts!

Standing left to right during their last Sabbath with us are Andrew and Elliott, helpers from America, the Lamichhane family, Oshin, Sumitra, Perlin, and Rakesh, a long time office worker, and our pastor Elder Kumar Adhikari, who formally said, "Goodbye, thanks and God bless!"

Time flies when you're having fun and it sure flew for all of these folks!  Andrew and Elliott were only with us for less than a year--it went by too fast!  We now wish them all the success as they head back to their university to finish their studies.  The Lamichhane family has been with us for numerous years and we were blessed to see the family grow!  We now wish them all the success as they head to their new location in Gatthaghar, Nepal, where Rakesh will begin his career, where he actually started some years ago, in the office of the Nepal Section of Seventh-day Adventists where he will be the treasurer.

After the pastor's thank you speech, Mr. Sundar Thapa gave another.

Some of our girls passed out gifts,

...and then we all sang a congregational song:
Thank you for playing the piano Timothy and the guitar Bikram!

The best part is that we know this is true:  God will be with them until we meet again!

Roshmi lead our song service--thanks!

While Binod played the piano, Aashish wondered when he will be old enough to take lessons!

We're happy to report that our young people are learning how to participate in the service.
Here we have Krashis manning the computer--good job!

The words to our songs and also the Bible texts are now able to be seen by all in English and Nepali both!

Next we were all blessed with a beautiful special music selection.  
Thank you Flora, Bikram (guitar), and Abhishek (piano)!  Here's a glimpse:

Our assistant pastor, Elder Pukar Shrestha, gave an informative and inspiring sermon, 
with Binod Dahal translating.

So now we formally say another THANK YOU and GOODBYE!
You will always be in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts!

 Our two promises for all of you are from Genesis 31:49,

and Jeremiah 29:11.

To end, please enjoy a few pictures of our friends!
We hope they won't be strangers and will come back to visit!

GOODBYE and have a nice life full of blessings!

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