Monday, January 13, 2014

Fall 2013 News, Part 2--"A Dentist & Gynecologists"

Fall 2013 was a busy time at Scheer Memorial Hospital.  If you missed the Fall Part 1 post, click here to see pictures of Nepal in the Fall.  This post will now inform you about what was going on around here, besides the usual!

We were so happy to welcome German volunteer Dr. Cindy Obermeyer, D.D.S.  She was a real asset to our team.  Here she is (center) with our dental assistant Mr. Darshananth Koirala (left) and our dentist
Dr. Nishamma Yakthumba, D.D.S. (right), 

...and giving dental advice and service.

Her presence and help to our patients was a huge plus as Nepal is not immune to oral health problems.  According to the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, 58% of children and 69% of adults in Nepal are suffering from bacterial tooth decay.  Therefore we heartily thank you for coming Dr. Julia and please don't be a stranger!

As you know from previous posts, Nepal is also not immune to the debilitating condition of uterine prolapse.  Some estimates give the number of approximately 600,000 women who suffer with this right here in Nepal.  (This could be a low estimate as not every women with uterine prolapse discusses their situation and discomfort.)  It's a very delicate situation that is often suffered in silence.  With the help and dedication of the teams who come to Nepal to correct this problem and help teach ways to avoid it altogether, we are glad to be a part of the continuing solution.  This Fall, a gynecological team from Colorado's Centura Global Health Initiatives ( came to us again.  (We're proud to announce that we are one of the places they regularly visit.)  The lead doctors this visit were Dr. Gretchen Bruno, OB/GYN, Dr. Charles Giarratana, OB/GYN, and Dr. Oksana Bantley, Anesthesiologist.  We thank them for coming and giving of their time and efforts.  Thirty ladies received life changing surgeries this trip.  (Twenty were funded by donors from Colorado and ten by donors from Australia.  A big Thank You goes out to the donors!)  Please enjoy the following photographs of their time here.

Global Health Initiatives Team, you will never really know the full impact of your visit.  The smiles on the faces of your patients are just a start.  Again, we thank you and already look forward to your next visit!

Please stay tuned for Fall 2013 News, Part 3, coming soon!
Take care and may God bless all who read this blog!

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