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Winter 2012-2013 News!

Spring has come to Nepal, and now that we don't need our heavy coats anymore, we reflect on the blessings of the winter of 2012-2013, or if you follow the Bikram Sambat Calendar (see previous post), the winter of 2069.  Winter in Nepal is a glorious time!  Yes, it's cold, but the skies are a crisp clear blue and the breathtaking Himalayas are in full view!

That picture is the Annapurna range surrounding Pokhara, a top tourist destination (and you can see why!), and although we can't see the Himalayas from Scheer Memorial Hospital, we do see the beautiful foothills

and if you drive around or up or hike up (if you're energetic!) our foothills, you can see beautiful sights such as this view which is on the road to the neighboring town of Panauti,

or this view which is just down the road a short way in the neighboring town of Dhulikhel.

So, besides enjoying the lovely majestic views we are blessed to have surrounding us, what happened around here this past winter?  Here's a recap.  

In December, we had German pediatrician Dr. Eva Pfadler, from Munich University, spend her vacation with us administering her skills to our little ones during her vacation.  Thank you Dr. Pfadler, for coming here and volunteering your time with us instead of going to a beach!

Other volunteers who came to work during their vacation were from the Dutch Foundation Women for Women (Vrouwen voor Vrouwen--check out their website here).  This foundation sends doctors a couple of times per year to Nepal for much needed female surgeries.  This winter OB/GYNs Dr. Elly Vernooj from St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein, and Dr. Kirsten Kluivers from Academic Hospital St. Radboud in Nymegen were the dedicated physicians who came.  We thank them very much for their time and efforts.

General surgeon Dr. Matthias Haun (left), from Germany, also spent his vacation with us working hard in the operating room.  We're so thankful you were able to come and help us and we hope you can come again!  Dr. Sushil Paudel (right), orthopedic surgeon, joined our staff during this same time.  We're happy you are with us Dr. Sushil and we wish you a long and successful career.

Continuing their time with us which started in November, ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) Japan's Cleft Lip Palate Repair team stayed for almost two weeks in December.  As you can imagine, they made a life-altering difference in their lives of the patients.

Our own Dr. Ruiz Diaz was shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Etsuro K. Motoyama.

ADRA's Mr. Atsushi Suhara and the happy smiles of the patients and their families say it all!

Goodbye!  We're already looking forward to the next visit!

Before we knew it, the Christmas season was upon us.

We said Goodbye to Pastor Chuck who had been our Nepal Field Director and Mrs. Cathy Jenson, who had been our interim CEO.  We thank them for their time and efforts for the people of Nepal and wish them all the best in their new endeavors!  (Plus we ask them to please enjoy playing with their new grandson!)

We also said Goodbye to Noriko from Japan, who spent almost a year in our Physical Therapy Department as a volunteer.  Her cheerful professionalism is missed and we wish her all the best.
Photo: We miss Noriko who spent almost a year with us in our Physiotherapy Department!  Have a happy 2013 and please come and visit!

At our lovely Christmas program, our nursing students sang to us

and our Esa Memorial School students presented a Christmas play.
What a nice way to celebrate Christmas!

Potlucks are always fun--especially at Christmas!  Our all-around volunteer (what would we do without you???) Tracy Haney and Sarah found some of their favorites.  Yum!  If you haven't been to a Nepali potluck, you might want to try it sometime!

Our operating room team enjoyed some beautiful winter mountain views...

and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

As the winter continued, 2013 snuck up on us!  Early in the year, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital's Middle Ear Surgery Team came for a campaign.  The patients and their families found hope and healing and blessings.  We're thankful they can come every year.
Photo: "The Team" from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital--how could their week here be already over?  Thank you for coming and many blessings for your kindness and professionalism.

Here is Dr. Buddy YK Wong performing ear surgery.  Thank you!
Photo: Dr. Buddy YK Wong, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, performs ear surgery at Scheer Memorial Hospital.

Before the winter faded away, Dr. Hubertus Groeger, OB/GYN from Germany (middle), spent his vacation in our operating room with his surgical skills helping many patients.  We're thankful he was able to be with us.  In this picture he is with operating room chief Laxman Thapa (left) and general surgeon Dr. Ujjwol (right).

We're thankful for many blessings as 2013 continues.
We wish all of our readers a blessed year too.
Stay tuned for more news.
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Take care--and stay well!

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